Golf Course

Ciputra Golf covering 125 hectares of beautifully sculpted fairways and greens, designed to be the venue for regional and international tournaments. It is 27 holes, par 108 with length of 9145 meters  that will offer many unforgettable moments of achievement. The Golf Club opens 7 days a week to give more time to play.

Ciputra Golf challenges each player, amateurs and professionals, to strive for excellence. Each tee box, landing area, fairway, bunker, green rough, grass, tree and bush is landscaped I a way to that compels players to think strategically for deriving the maximum enjoyment from the game. The course provides flexibility to players to set their own standards, with different tee boxes on each hole.

Driving Range


Term 1 year(ALL DAY) Individual Non Transferable Rp. 34.471.000,-
Couple Non Transferable Rp. 49.459.000,-
Family Non Transferable Rp. 62.648.000,-
Special 1 year(valid for weekdays & Sunday)

Exclude public holiday

Individual Non Transferable Rp. 22.686.000,-
Couple Non Transferable Rp. 34.029.000,-
Off Peak 1 year(valid for weekdays only) Individual Non Transferable Rp. 19.535.000,-
Couple Non Transferable Rp. 29.303.000,-
Partnership Corporate(only valid for partners who works

in the same company)

2Partners Non Transferable Rp. 50.961.000,-
4 Partners Non Transferable Rp. 96.413.000,-

Weekdays 9 Rp.   250.000   RP. 713.000 Rp.    943.000
18 Rp.   355.000  RP. 918.000 Rp. 1.138.000
27 Rp.   450.000  RP. 1.223.000 Rp. 1.488.000
Weekend Saturday 9 Rp.   350.000  Rp. 1.078.000
18 Rp.   410.000  Rp. 1.388.000 Rp.1.673.000
27 Rp.   600.000  Rp. 2.048.000 Rp  1.968.000
Weekend Sunday 9 Rp.   350.000  Rp. 1.078.000
18 Rp.   410.000  Rp. 1.288.000 Rp. 1.673.000
27 Rp.   600.000  Rp. 1.688.000 Rp  1.968.000
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